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Cycling to heaven

April 30, 2011 in Town and Country Cycling

Sometimes a book comes along that makes you want to – literally – stroke every page, put it to the very top of your coffee table pile, breathe in its honey-scented aura, and worship at it’s printed alter.

Such a book has landed on our desks and we are utterly smitten.  Matt Carroll is launching his new anti-lycra, pro-slow cycling book Escape Routes– A Hand-Picked Selection of Stunning Cycle Rides Around England this week and it’s truly the bee’s knees of the cycle ride guides.  Matt’s gorgeous tome embodies everything we love…  well-thought through and beautifully scenic bike rides throughout Britain (including some of our fave places like Holkham in Norfolk, Southwold in Suffolk and Deal in Kent),  lush photography of beach huts and stately home gardens, the sweetest hand-drawn maps and the prerequisite list of stop-off spots for a little light refreshment – and very idyllic they are too!



Here’s the official blurb about the book…(or should I say Bible)…

To be released on 3rd May 2011, Matt Carroll’s Escape Routes challenges readers to ditch the car and get pedalling.  It features a hand-picked selection of 60 stunning countryside rides across England.  Whether you’re simply after a seven-mile pootle or want to escape for the day on a leisurely 20-mile jaunt – taking in proper country pubs, gorgeous Grade I-listed manor houses and pottery studios in Cornwall – this guidebook has something for everyone.

Matt used to shave his legs, don the Lycra and spend all his money on carbon fibre frames. However things have changed and he is now a self confessed ‘reformed cycle geek’ and is on a mission to encourage us to enjoy the ride with his ‘Slow cycling’ campaign. (Precisely our kind of chap!)

Instead of stressing about how many calories you’ve burnt, the number of miles you’ve notched up and being first away from the traffic lights on the way to work, Matt believes we should all take things a little slower.



We’re really happy to be teaming up with Matt to promote the book in the coming weeks, and are delighted also be stocking Escape Routes in the BEG Bicycles shop from next week.  In the meantime, have a look at Matt’s brilliant promo videos, including a great ride in Hertfordshire for townies here.



Feels like we’ve cycled and gone to heaven.


The Perfect Getaway Vehicle… Beg-Style

April 26, 2011 in Bike Candy

Inspired by the recent Martha Stewart Weddings article about us, and swept up in the Royal Wedding furore, we rolled out the bunting and took OUR favourite (two-wheeled) couple into our village for a little bit of romance… who wants a blingy gilt, horse-drawn carriage anyway?

RED hot, hot, hot!

April 21, 2011 in Bicycles

Thanks to the team at RED Online for this very nice feature about us today…

So what happened to Spring…?

April 20, 2011 in Bike Candy

… although we don’t actually care… because SUMMER IS HERE instead!  So – ahem –  we’ve spent an afternoon of skiving off doing the books and the mountain of paperwork,  and instead indulged in some gratuitous and unadulterated summertime bicycle styling which has involved a rather a lot of cow parsley.

Believe me, it has taken EVERY ounce of self-discipline to get back to the Excel spreadsheets and not bike down to the pub this evening!  Bring on the weekend… it’s going to be hot, hot, hot and utterly perfect for cycling!


Wheely inspiring…

April 15, 2011 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Enjoy the ride

If you are teetering on that wobbly precipice of wanting to take to two wheels, but have that all-too familiar feeling of ‘…but I can’t do it!’, have a listen to this really inspiring radio article from last week’s BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.  The women in the interview who have all taken up cycling relatively recently, talk about the exhilaration that cycling gives them, and one charmingly describes going out for a ride as being the closest thing to ‘playing out’ when she was a child!  We love the fact that there is a really social dimension to their bike rides – and to top it all, they stop off for coffee and cake.  Where do we sign up?


Petal pedals…

April 15, 2011 in Bike Candy

Spotted the other day in the St Germain area of Paris on the left bank… a vision of pure unadulterated bike candy!

Bicycle + hand-printed De Gournay wallpaper = TRUE LOVE.

Of course, you sadly can’t buy this one, but we happen to know a very nice little shop where they sell rather charming bicycles…


BEG going global…

April 7, 2011 in Bicycles


Thank you to everyone outside the UK who has asked about international shipping of BEG products.  Please bear with us as we hope to have this up and running next week.

We’re on the case and looking forward very much to Betty, Bertie and the BEG Bicycles crew going Stateside, Down Under and to every corner of the globe in between!

photo courtesy of {ImagineNations}

You the woman…?

April 6, 2011 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy

Some VERY cool bike stuff is in the Spring ether.    Love the new French Connection SS2011 campaign, You The Man? and You the Woman?

Summer cycling wardrobe sorted!   Shame about the boring bicycle though.

Beg love…

April 5, 2011 in Bicycles, Press

(Bicycle) basket loads of thanks for the incredible support and amazing articles that have been written about Beg Bicycles in the past two weeks.  We are so touched to have appeared on 3 of The Times 50 World’s Best Design Blogs within one week of launching, including the almighty DesignSponge.  Here are just a few…

Design Sponge

Designers’ Block

Lobster and Swan

Wayward Daughter (formerly She’s Got a Passion for Fashion)

Home Shopping Spy … thanks, Ellie.  It all started with you!