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A pink bicycle, home-made sandwiches and tah-dah… Tifamade.

June 21, 2012 in Bike Candy, Enjoy the ride, Sites we like...


We’ve been wanting to write a blogpost for ages about our friend Tiffany.  We first met Tiffany when we spied some of our BEG collection on her lovely foodie + cycling blog,, and then we found out that we had two things in common… pink bicycles (sigh!), and a love of Paris (it was living in Paris that inspired us in the first place to start BEG – as have probably said 67, 000 times!).

So please allow us to introduce Tiffany of Tifamade, urban cyclist, creator of Tifamade (delectably handmade lunches and beautifully styled catering brought to you by bicycle), doyenne of the gourmet Parisian sandwich, calligrapher (Tiffany did our ‘Glorious Summer of Cycling‘ lettering), photographer, cyclechic designer and general uber-cool girl about town (and not just any town.  Sorry.  Forgot, we’d mentioned Paris already. It is lovely though)…



Hello, Tiffany!  Tell us a bit about how you got into cycling your gorgeous pink bicycle all over Paris selling such delectable goodies from your vintage suitcase?

Hi BEGsters! So the long story is that I was living in Pantin at the time, and used the Canal Hoche/St. Martin to commute to Paris centre. I saw a triporteur for rent at a bike shop on the canal and couldn’t help thinking there should be some use for it. And I happened to stumble upon (ride upon?) the suitcase at just the same time. I was dating a coursier à velo (bike courier) so cycling was kind of a household thing.

Where did your love of cycling come from?

My dad is a huge cyclist who comes to France each year from the States for one of the big races. I grew up looking for a way to spend time with him, and that necessitated loving bikes too.



What gave you the inspiration to start Tifamade.

I thought about all the great food trucks in the United States, and then thought that I’d never be able to do that in Paris. So I decided to use my bike instead.

What’s your best-sellling sandwich?

Maybe I’m projecting because I love it so much, but anytime I make sandwiches with beet hummus, I get a lot of love. Beet hummus is a nice mellow way to eat beets if you aren’t already a huge fan of them.

How do you find cycling in Paris?

I started wearing a helmet religiously last year because my mom was getting an ulcer worrying about me. I say a lot of bad words under my breath because, to be honest, it can be a little sketchy sometimes. For the most part, I really enjoy the universal bike lane and Sundays when cyclists have a lot of freedom throughout the city.

We hear you also design a mean line of cycling accessories..?

Thanks, I try! I’m always trying to solve some design problem because I don’t necessarily want to roll up looking like a hard-core cyclist. Hence the cute bike lock sock and the pant guard. I’m still waiting for my millions, however.

What’s next in the Tifamade empire?

I’m dying for a cargo bike. But like with other bike-related designs, I’m looking for something that isn’t too cargo-y.


The (Suprisingly!) Joyful June Joy Ride….

June 20, 2012 in Joy Rides

Following the autumnal gales and rain of this week, Esther was facing last Sunday’s Joy Ride with rather a sense of trepidation.  Luckily enough, the BEG gods were shining and a  small window of summer sunshine and hazy heat greeted the Joy Riders on their June ride…  Here’s how they got on;

Full of the joys of spring/summer/autumn, whatever season we’re supposed to be in, we happy band of cyclists met at the car park at Newham Road in Cambridge  on Sunday 10 June.

From there, we cycled along the A603 cycle path to Burwash Manor for the first tea stop of the day at the Barn Tea Rooms.  It was such a novelty to be able to sit outside for tea and cake, basking in lovely sunshine and enjoying the sound of bird song and and, frankly, a good chin wag!  Feeling refreshed after an Earl Grey and a cream tea (and trying to avoid the lovely things at Burwash Manor that kept whispering ‘buy me’), it was time to continue our journey towards Haslingfield.

It has to be said that the downpours of rain have done wonders for the lush green Cambridgeshire countryside and it was wonderful to see everything in full bloom!


From New Road in Haslingfield, we turned into Cantaloupe Road and then followed the bridlepath and footpath (bumpity bumpity!) to Grantchester, emerging from the fields close to The Orchard – tea stop two!  For those readers thinking of coming along on a Joy Ride, I hasten to add that it is not usual for us to have two tea stops!  However, being so close to The Orchard, it would have seemed rude not to pop in.  So a happy second stop was enjoyed in The Orchard’s famous garden, where time always seems to stand still.  Not being greedy cyclists, we mostly just enjoyed a cooling drink at this point.

We then crossed the Grantchester Meadows and headed back to our starting point at the car park, just as the grey clouds started to roll in!

With many thanks as always to Malcolm Price for devising the route and to Kay, Malcolm, Sarah, Sally, Anna, Brian and Amanda for coming along on the ride and making it such fun!

A massive thank you to Sally from Cambridge Raincoats who loaned me a beautiful navy raincoat.  If you’re a regular cyclist and want to stay stylish, warm and dry, do consider buying a Cambridge Raincoat, they are just lovely.  And if you’re not a cyclist, you’ll just look super swish in one.


(If you are really on the ball and wondering where our review of May’s ride is, your right; we’re a bit out of synch!  It’s ready and will be posted in a few days!)

Rug and Roll

June 12, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Cycling Accessories

The Essential Components for a Perfect Bike Ride…

Flask of tea packed? Tick.
Custard creams in there too? Tick.
Softest, cosiest BEG picnic rug ready?  Absolutely.

Following the success of our 100% lambswool picnic rug, we’re delighted to add this new collection of British-made, beautifully muted, recycled wool fringed rugs to the Beg cycling accessory collection.

Made from the left over ‘shoddy’ wool of virgin wool blankets, our new picnic rugs (picnic blankets, whatever you will…) clip onto the back of your Brooks saddle for perfect picnic portering using the full grain calfskin tan saddle carrying strap.  If you don’t have a Brooks saddle  - or if Shank’s Pony is your chosen method of transport, simply throw into your basket or use the handy carrying handle and picnic in style!

We’ve got three ever-so vintage-y colours that tone with our bicycles beautifully.  Blankets in store now £59.00

PS Note the gratuitous shot of Millie Beg in there too.  We couldn’t resist, and her legs aren’t long enough for a BEG bicycle yet!