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Perfectly cool for school…

August 31, 2012 in Cycling Accessories, Reviews

It’s a poignant and emotional time of year.  The dog days of summer didn’t even materialise.  It’s a mix of excitement and terror at the thought of the holidays coming to an end, and The New Term beginning for young whipper snappers.  And then for the rest of us who are too old for all that (and for whom life is sadly one long term time), there is a sense of real nostalgia… Clarks (sensible) shoe fitting machine, trips to Woolworths to buy a new pencil case with magnetic hidden compartments, Aertex PE shirts and envy at a friend’s beautifully sewn-in woven name labels (think mine were done with ballpoint).  I only have to see a few dead leaves newly fallen on the pavement to get that  whole thrill of the Back to School week.  Of course it all wore off by week 2, the new shoes were already scuffed and you’d already lost half of your new and much cherished four-colour Bic biros but hey-ho!  The fabric of life and all that.

So, whether you are getting ready for a super-smart return to the classroom, starting uni or traipsing back into the office – again(!) – next week, be the smartest kid on the block whatever your age with one of our old-school BEG leather satchels.  For hiking or biking, our satchel collection will make sure you’re really kitted out in style.  Made from beautifully soft, top grain tan leather that has been treated with a blend of oils and waxes to create vintage character and embossed with the BEG logo on the front, you’re sure to be top of the class from day 1!  (Available in a range of sizes and styles.  Prices from £45.00.  See here for the full collection and details).


The miraculous July Joy Ride

August 8, 2012 in Joy Rides

Bradley Wigins and TeamGB eat your heart out…  here’s how champion ride organiser, Esther, got on with her road ride around Cambs for our regular monthly ride with a pelaton of somewhat less than speedy but eminently eager Joy Riders.    Allez Esther!

After weeks, nay months, of monsoon-like weather, it was nothing short of a miracle to wake up to blue skies and warm sunshine for the Joy Ride on Sunday 15 July.

We tootled over to Anglesey Abbey to meet the other Joy Riders. It was perfect cycling weather – warm, a slight breeze and dry! Hurrah!

From Anglesey Abbey, we cycled through Bottisham to the villages of Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior. These picture postcard villages are well worth a visit, and were wonderful to cycle through on a tranquil Sunday morning. Quintessentially English, they feature characterful churches, lovely cottages (complete with roses around the cottage door) and Tudor timbererd houses, bedecked with jolly union flag bunting! I was able to live out all my Miss Marple fantasies as we pootled along these lovely village roads.

From there we cycled on to Reach, passing open expansive fields dotted with cornflowers and poppies. When it stops raining, it is possible to notice how truly glorious the countryside is at this time of year!

Passing horses basking in the sunshine, we cycled over a bridge crossing the Lode and onto the village of Lode before heading back to Anglesey Abbey for tea and cake. We then enjoyed a stroll around the gardens, including the stunning winter garden and the breath-taking herbacous borders, before wending our way home.   A wonderful respite from the recent British ‘summer’, the chance to pootle through picturesque villages in the warm sunshine with lovely company was a heart-warming experience which will keep us all that little bit happier if the grey skies move into place again next week!


More info about August’s ride to follow soon…

Summer press roundup…

August 7, 2012 in Bicycles, Press

From joyful Jubilations to London being paved, quite literally, with Team GB golds, what a “summer” (the inverted commas, of course being necessary, because the weather still absolutely sucks!) it has been.  These past few weeks have been just SO exciting!  So exciting in fact that whilst we’ve been revelling in the mega-highs of the fab British cycling team, and feeling the incredible surge of interest in cycling that is taking over Britain (way to go!), we’ve failed to thank some great journos for some great press BEG has had recently.

So… a big thanks go to CondeNast Traveller, Cambridge Journal, Country Homes and Interiors and the lovely and very beautiful Betty (surely one of the loveliest style mags around and check out that nice little illustration).  You all get our gold medal!