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Warming the cockles…

September 24, 2012 in Bicycles, Cycling Accessories, Enjoy the ride

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A Guide to Cosy Winter Cycling

Part 1.

Your Nether Regions


We’ve been thinking long and hard about cycling in the colder months here at BEG, and considering ways to make your ride all the more pleasurable, whilst being practical and useful.   Autumn and winter cycling has many charms but a chilly backside on an icy cold saddle certainly isn’t one of them!

So one of the new products we’ve come up is the BEG Sheepskin Saddle Cover.  Be kind to your behind, with these luxurious, beautifully-made covers that give a really toasty, very soft and comfortable ride.  They also work a treat if you are breaking your new Brooks saddle in, and finding it rather hard-going!

Our natural sheepskin saddle covers are made in Great Britain from 20mm pile sheepskin, so are very sumptuous, soft and certainly a treat for your derriere!  They are designed to perfectly fit Brooks B66 and 67 saddles, but because of their drawstring and toggle  construction, they nicely fit many other saddles we have tried them on.

There is but one danger.

Once on, you may never want to get off.  Could be a long ride.

Riding high into Autumn….

September 20, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Cycling Accessories

O September – how you tease the poor cyclist with your unpredictable and unreliable ways!  You revel in tripping us up, running us amok with your indecisiveness.  You create all sorts of dilemmas with your chilly mornings and long shadows, all glaring sunlight and chances of rain and your sultry afternoons that delude us that summer is back and that require the miraculous appearance of a completely different outfit.

An array of decision-making processes fill the September cyclist’s head as they attempt to pack the panniers for the confusing day ahead whilst keeping it as minimal as possible. Bare legs or not (with coordinating goose bumps?), how many layers, that ‘in-between season’ jacket that you’ve never actually owned, a (gasp at the horror) cagoule (or rather chic cycling-specific raincoat), sunnies… and that’s just the wardrobe.   Where’s it all going to fit?  Load up the basket?  Use panniers today?  Get a pack-horse and tether it up to the back of the bike?

Despair not however because we all know, of course, that Autumn ‘for real’  is just around the corner (hurrah), and revel in its crisp, sharp air and soggy leaves we shall!

Here at BEG we’re feeling the autumn glow already and are excitedly looking forward to getting wrapped up for chilly cycling and hitting the road with some great new products that will make your daily cycling commute, or weekend jaunt on your wheels all that bit more cosy and pleasurable!  Let us therefore introduce, without further ado, our new Autumn Winter 2012 campaign - Crisp Autumn Cycling…    

October – we embrace you!


All products now in store for immediate delivery @


Happy Birthday, Joy Rides!

September 18, 2012 in Bicycles, Joy Rides


Incredibly,  it was a year ago that we hosted the inaugural Joy Ride through leafy Cambridge!  Thank you to everyone who has been on the journey (!) with us for the past year – we’ve cycled through some beautiful lanes to some amazing destinations across Cambridgeshire and enjoyed some lovely coffee and cake breaks!

For our September Joy Ride on Sunday 23 September, we will be meeting at Wimpole Hall car park at 10.30am.

We will do a circular route from Wimpole Hall, arriving back at the Stables for tea and cake.  Even more exciting, it is Wimpole at War this Sunday so we can indulge in a little 1940s fun!

For those of you who came to the Wimpole at War ride last year, you’ll remember that we saw people in costume, had a wander around the vintage stalls and even saw Winston Churchill!  It was a fabulous day out!

Look forward to seeing you at 10.30am at the car park at Wimpole Hall on Sunday 23 September (this Sunday).  If you are not a National Trust member, there is a charge for car parking.

Future Joy Ride dates: Sunday 21 October and Sunday 25 November.  Please make sure you’ve got them in your diaries and more details on the BEG blog nearer the time.  We take a break in December and then start again in January.

A little bit of Hush, please!

September 14, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy, Press, Sites we like...

Thanks to lovely Hush homeware for featuring us (or at least Catherine) on their blog and newsletter this month. We now all know where to go to get our new stylish cycling wardrobes this Autumn!   I want that super-cosy looking red outfit on the homepage in its entirety!  You can read the interview with Catherine  here on the Hush blog.

And by the way, Catherine says she doesn’t normally cycle around with dead leaves dangling out her basket. Right.  We did wonder…

Check out the beautiful Hush AW12 collection at  Oh and, Hush… tell your stylist to get some decent wheels for your model next time.  That old bike has seen better days!