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Older and wiser…

November 15, 2011 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy

It was actually (ahem) Catherine’s birthday yesterday, and whilst we don’t usually indulge in anything too personal on this blog, the birthday girl hit jackpot with some very nice pressies indeed  - and that we thought were sufficiently bike-licious to share here!

1.  Two very wonderful books for all those quiet evenings (ummmm –  h.e.l.l.o?!) when we are not blogging/book-keeping/replying/packing/tweeting/more book-keeping/sourcing and a bit more book-keeping! Reviews to follow soon…



2.  Just HOW cute…?


3. One very nice card indeed!  Says it all really.

Another birthday gone.

Older and wiser and all that…

Thank you to those who know who they are for the the lovely pressies!