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BEG is in the detail…

November 20, 2011 in Bicycles

Being mainly an online business, we knew (sadly) that we’d not always get to meet our customers in person, but we do more often than not end up getting to know them pretty well over the phone, as we talk through which bicycle specification (and colour, of course!) or accessory is going to suit someone best.  And then we have the best and most rewarding bit, which is hearing back from them afterwards… about how they’re getting on with their bicycle, where they been, how they’re using it…

We’re pleased to say that we’ve had some truly great feedback since we started about our products and also about our service, and it occurred to us recently that we haven’t really shouted about it.  We’re a small family business, we don’t use a distribution service, meaning that we prepare the bicycles, pack and send out everything ourselves including all the accessories – and we take real care with the presentation of the products we send out.

We have gorgeous BEG ‘luggage tags’, and everything is packed in our uber-glamorous spotty BEG tissue-paper.  We then pop one our lovely retro postcards in as well…  If you have any particular requests regarding the timing of your delivery, anything special you’d like us to write on the BEG luggage tag  - or well, whatever really – do let us know and we’ll do our utmost!

And of course, as Chrimbo is getting near, BEG bicycles and accessories make fabulous festive gifts – particularly as they are so nicely wrapped up.  Santa baby…;)