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Capturing the mood…

March 17, 2011 in Bicycles

Wow…!  We’ve made it!  We are out there and LIVE!

BEG Bicycles are on the road!

If there is one single thing that captures the vibe of the last few months here at BEG, that bittersweet journey of starting up a brand new brand, with all its exhausting and exhilarating up and downs (mainly ups, we hasten to add), we’d say it is this gorgeous little video from the adorable Charlie Winston…

It’s jam packed full of everything we love… retro bicycles (kind of goes without saying), super-glam French actresses looking the bee’s knees in black socks (yes, really)  and sandals (a look reminiscent of your Dad but on Audrey, another matter), acres of stunning Spanish scenery and the obligatory dusty, battered old bus.

Not forgetting Charlie, of course.

Oh – and check out that vintage picnic rug that Charlie so generously uses as a cushion to soften the ride for Audrey.  Want one of those?  We know just where to get one!