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Urban Totes – what’s not to love!

October 17, 2017 in Bicycles, Bike Candy, Cycling Accessories


It’s fair to say that since we started BEG Bicycles back in 2011, we have had a few all-consuming obsessions…

  • Stylish cycle attire
  • trouser bands
  • Pinterest boards full of beautiful bicycles images
  • anything Dutch or Danish
  • Cafes
  • Cycle books
  • Cafes that sell cycling books
  • cute dogs in bike baskets (a personal penchant of mine.. so much so that we had to get a pooch purely for photographic purposes.  Well, not solely but… our accountant did look at me in absolute astonishment when I asked if the dog could be classified as a business asset (we love him dearly, honestly!).
  • Crikey. We haven’t even mentioned Danish or Dutch dogs in bicycle baskets.

And tan leather.  Of course.

Who doesn’t love tan leather.  A brand new pair of brogues, a smooth new notebook, a classic suitcase, a yacht interior (ok, getting a bit carrier away now); beautiful, honey coloured leather looks incredible in any guise…

Brooks made tan leather the material du jour from as long ago as the middle of the nineteenth century, and it has become synonymous with classic cycling ever since.  To this end, we have a penchant for literally anything that is beautifully designed and of exquisite quality in tan leather … and that’s why we first introduced our classic satchel collection back in 2010.  And very popular they have been too.

But beautiful though it is, there are a few practical downsides to leather when it comes to cycling accoutrements.  Leather isn’t always fully waterproofed – and it can be heavy, particularly when loading up a bike. It also commands a premium price.

We’ve erstwhile been looking to find a cycling bag that has all the qualities of a leather bag (particularly that ‘heart skips a beat’ feeling) but which is light, practical and affordable.

We think we’ve finally found it in our new range of Weathergoods Urban Tote bags, an on and off-bike worthy pannier bag.  Established by two sisters in Sweden (indeed – land of harsh climate!), Weathergoods is a beautiful cycle bag brand that ticks all the boxes!  We’re even finding that friends who DON’T even cycle are lusting after them!

Here’s what the girls at Weathergoods say;

“We are Weathergoods and for us each day is an exciting step towards a bicycling city. Our idea is simple and it begins in everyday life. With the everyday urban cyclist. If we can make it easier, better and more stylish to take a bike to work, to school, to meet friends…then more people will do it. That’s how simple we think it is and that’s why we design and develop urban cycling accessories with one clear requirement: Do they belong in a bicycling city? In a city that should have existed long ago.”

And here’s why we like the Weathergoods Totes so much;

- They exude style!  Nothing bike geeky here, that’s for sure.  Instead a genuinely elegant bag that moves effortlessly from bike to bag without any compromise!

- They are beautifully made!

- They are erstwhile practical; weather resistant, roomy, they click on to your bike using a universal fitting and even have a padded laptop pouch inside.

The Urban Tote Bicycle bag is made of weatherproof PU, with silver metal details. It has with a well padded computer pocket suitable for a 15 inch laptop and a zippered outer pocket for easy to reach items. Other features include extra long handles and a detachable shoulder strap which make for flexible carrying.

So there we are.  The search is over.  Only one dilemma remains….

Tan (or rather ‘Cognac’, would you have it!) or black!????????

UK shipping: £3.95.

International delivery available; Please follow through to the checkout and enter your postal code and country of residence for international shipping rates.



Hello Autumn!

November 18, 2015 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy, Cycling Accessories

Christmas Gift Guide / .14

November 19, 2014 in Bicycles, Bike Candy, Cycling Accessories

We’ve picked out our favourite items from the BEG Collection for your nearest and dearest!  From stocking fillers to bicycles, we’ve got sackfulls of fabulous Christmas present ideas.


A little bit of HUSH please…

September 12, 2014 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy, Enjoy the ride, Press



… because we’re delighted to let you know that if you tiptoe over now to womenswear brand, hush‘s beautiful website and check out their lovely blog, you’ll find that you could soon be owner of one of our very own Betty bicycles.  hush shot their new AW14 campaign in Amsterdam so its very befitting that they are giving away one of our very classically Dutch bicycles as well as the ginormous grocers basket that goes with it.

We love hush, and not only because of those long-limbed, tawny haired, tawny eyed and tawny skinned models (oh to be ‘tawny’ in some way!)  but because of their super-relaxed, effortlessly chic style that just, well – works.  Full of versatile pieces that are as stylish as they are practical, the autumn/winter 14 range includes a wide range of gorgeous knits, feminine and flirty skirts to everday dresses, trousers, plus a brand new outerwear range – all in a rich pallet of colours. Also in the collection are the best cotton pyjamas on the market and a great collection of contemporary basics – tops, tees, tanks and leggings – which are everyday essentials in any women’s wardrobe.

We’ve firmly got our eye on that awesome khaki parker… how practical for chilly morning rides!  See the hush blog for more info…

Heroic Indeed

June 9, 2014 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy, Enjoy the ride

The first EVER L’Eroica Britannia is mere weeks away (calm down, calm down, it’s not Erotica , we hasten to add, as one of our team here disappointedly found out).

But disappointment it will be NOT. Yours truly will be there showing our sterling steeds, and other fine wares, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg (although some might say an historic cycling road race spanning the majestic hills and valleys of the Peak District, Derbyshire is a close contender).

Here’s our guide to the weekend – and hope very much we’ll see you there!



First of all, it’s going to be an almighty festival topped off by a road race in the very best vintage tradition. L’’Eroica literally translates as ‘the heroes’.  L’Eroica Britannia embraces the idea of heroic cycling and the romance of cycling as it once was, recognising the age old ideals of valour and courage.  The l’Eroica hails from Tuscany and is described by The Guardian as ‘Run on gravel roads with 80s bikes, woollen jerseys and fuelled by rich Italian food and wine, the gloroius L’Eroica race captures the golden era of cycling’.



The pinnacle of the festival is on Sunday 22 June, with a three route bike tour of some of the most spectacular and uncharted landscape of The Peak District, including the private lands of the Chatsworth Estate. Come on the day and marvel at the unique spectacle of nearly 2000 riders taking on the challenge of the mighty Peak District on pre-1987 vintage bikes dressed to the nines in glorious vintage apparel. Have a look at the routes HERE

But it’s not all about the ride.  An entire family festival has been planned around the cycling, celebrating ‘Best of British.  Experience three jam packed days of live music, shopping and fun fair magic.  There’ll be more than 100 brilliant brands including fascinating vintage sales, lifestyle finds, bike brands (including yours truly), a Bike Jumble and amazing street food trucks and drinking experiences. The style mavens over at Elle Decoration have even included the event in their compilation of the most amazing events happening this summer in the UK.

And furthermore, the entire event is FREE!  What’s not to love…


Find out all about it on the event’s fabulous website L’Eroica Britannia.


Aint got that Swing!

April 17, 2014 in Bike Candy, Cycling Accessories, Reviews


Combining genuine style with practicality is an art form, and its what we really believe in here at BEG Bicycles. Finding products designed for cycling that work really well and look as good on or off the bike. So it’s a real pleasure for us to be able to announce our latest cycling accessory collaboration.

{Drum roll….}

Introducing the BEG Bicycles Michaux Club Limited Edition collection of handbags, made in Britain and designed for cyclists.

Created for modern women, the collection combines the desire to be elegant and stylish with the practical requirements of busy lifestyles and the functional needs of transportation by bikes. The Beg Bicycles Michaux Club collection allows you to cycle with ease, and whether you’re conquering a daily commute to work or a leisurely ride at the weekend, Michaux Club bags not only provide the answer to your cycling concerns, but also take you from bike to boardroom in an instant. No one would ever know you are sporting the latest in rider safety accessories. Ingenious features such as 3M reflective detailing for safer night time cycling and a cross body support strap are all given a carefully considered aesthetic.



The bags are constructed with a waterproof cotton canvas outer layer to ensure your belongings are kept safe and dry whatever the weather, combined with beautifully detailed, highest quality British vegetable tanned leather. Each bag cleverly incorporates unique technical elements including various fastening options, practical pocket positioning and discreet reflective inbuilt design.


In line with our own principals of keeping it local, Michaux Club are committed to creating their products as close to home as possible and believe manufacturing here in Britain is a defining aspect of their authenticity. The BEG Bicycles Michaux Club collection is hand made in the heart of the Lake District, on the factory’s original 300 year old site, and by one of the few truly British bag manufacturers still remaining in our country.



The Beg Bicycles Michaux Club collection comprises three uniques styles of bag, available in an exclusive to BEG new colourway, Stone, as well as black.  Designed to look beautifully elegant, both with the BEG Bicycles ladies range of bicycles, or indeed with your wheels of choice, the collection will meet all your cycling needs, and look beautifully stylish to boot!


The go-anywhere rucksack: Lightening



Sleek, spacious and perfect for a busy lifestyle, the Lightening rucksack extends to fit your shopping or gym kit, and rolls down for less ambitious items, keeping all your belongings dry. From your cycle commute to work via the gym, with a quick food shop on the way home, this is a great all round style. Accessible pockets allow you to reach your belongings whilst cycling just in case you need to refer to your trusty map or mobile!


The must-have saddle bag: Shadow


Sigh. Was ever a saddle bag so stylish – or so versatile? The Shadow saddlebag clips beautifully onto the back of your saddle and then cleverly transforms into either a sweet little backpack, or a very stylish shoulder or crossbody bag, simply by re-fastening the convertible straps. Throw in a lipstick, your purse and keys, a mobile and a puncture repair kit and the day (and night!) are yours.


The boardroom to weekend bag: Zodiac


Cycle in style – and safety. A smart shoulder bag that can be used in every scenario from cycling to work meetings, or for leisure and pleasure. The Zodiac is worn across the body whilst cycling, and the anti-swing strap keeps your bag safely in position as you ride. Beautifully incorporated reflective panels are an integral part of the design and will ensure that you are safe and sound on dark nights.


The collection is now in stock and available to purchase for immediate shipping here.


Glad bike things we bring…. to you and your kin!

November 14, 2013 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Bike Candy

All products now in store ready for delivery


Things you would NEVER expect us to say #01

March 25, 2013 in Bicycles, Bike Candy, Cycling Accessories


It’s funny how trends work.  Unless you are an uber-fashionista, who needs not the slightest sniff of styling semaphore to be ahead of the curve, the vast majority of us lesser style gurus need a trend to be around for some time before we can even consider embracing it.  Take ‘bootleg jeans’.  Shockingly flared and ridiculously long compared to their precursors, they quickly came to symbolise all that was right about a pair of trousers… suddenly one had legs that were fifteen inches longer and thighs that thought they were calves and to consider wearing anything else would have been laughable.  But whoOOAAHHH!  The circumferentially-challenged ‘skinny’ jean stealthily crept into the denim vernacular and into our wardrobes and all of a sudden, just HOW ridiculous did any other jeans style seem?   And thus it is with the fickle and frivolous world of fashion.

One trend that is huge right now and is making us smile wryly in a big way at the moment is the all-pervading trend for fluoro.  The high street has become a veritable strip-joint of Hi-vis, neon, acid (oh ok.. no one says that anymore.  Showing my age… how embarrassing.).  Call it what you will, but look how anyone and everyone in the, eeek, dare we say it, ‘cycle chic’ cycling world is laughing on the other side of our faces right now.   We’ve all sneered at fluoro in recent years, in the same way that we’ve snootily turned our noses up at lycra, bottle cages and time trials… fluoro simply made the wrong statements about the kind of dignified, genteel cycling that we wanted to do in our ‘everyday’ clothes.  Can you imagine what a hi-viz vest would look like over a vintage tea dress and platform sandals?  Purrrrrleeeeaaase!  Like a red rag to a bull  a high-viz vest worn by a cyclist was literally screaming out “I’m a vulnerable ignoramus, naively peddling along this road that belongs to you, O Great Vehicle Driver, so why don’t you please ingratiate yourself  to come and knock me off!”.  As inflammatory a subject as The Great Helmet Debate, fluoro divided communities, created cycling tribes and caused Marmite-style polarised reactions.   Indeed, sceptics would say that wearing purpose-designed fluoro not only encourages the idea that cycling is inherently unsafe, putting off would-be new riders but also potentially places the blame with the rider rather than encouraging drivers to be more vigilant.

But are we now on the brink of a high-viz fluorolution?  The SS13 catwalks were full of the stuff, and once you start looking, it seems the world around us is too.  We went for our usual Sunday morning family cycle ride yesterday along the Seine (where , I hasten to add, they in the process of  doing a huge amount of regeneration work to turn the verges into a car-free, pedestrian and cycling (segregated, I gleefully add!) utopia) and it felt like an all-out affront of the garish stuff.  Maybe I’m just super-sensitive to it being in the ether at the moment.


But whether it conjures up dim and distant memories of mid 80s Kajagoogoo, wiry marathon runners pounding the streets or just evokes the die-hard commuter brigade on folding bicycles, Fluoro is so hot right now, it’s sizzling.  Superlatives abound.  Zesty, vibrant, punchy, acid, zingy.  And if a little bit of reflective fluoro helps us be seen in the dark out there on the mean streets, hallelujah!  Fashion has come to its senses, and a perfect harmony of stye and functionality prevails.   Our mantra for all things cycling precisely.


So, in a ‘Things You Would Never Expect Us to Say…” type post, here’s our round-up of the very zingiest fluoro cycling products out there right now.  And what a treat they look with our BEG collection of bicycles and accessories…

Effervescent Fluorescent – We Love You!


no.1  Vespertine Reflective Vest Collection.  Surely the haute couture of the reflective garb world!

no. 2  Spot Me Reflective pin-on badges.

no.3 Incredible glow-in-the dark Monroe Reflective Penny loafers (check out the incredible colour palette available!).  Cole Haan.

no. 4  Veja SP.MA hi tops.  Is any other shoe worth wearing? Who knew hi-viz could be so stylish?

no. 5  Love Bike Wear Reflective sash.

no. 6 Dargelos.  A hi viz vest that is definitely not the old-school variety!


… and featuring the BEG Bella bicycle throughout in Persephone Pink, 3 speed £675.00


Santa Baby…

December 4, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Bike Candy


… bike on by to Beg Bicycles.  We’ve got some truly inspirational gift ideas for the cyclist – and non-cyclist in your life…or simply for treating yourself!

All items available for immediate dispatch


Bicycles and Country Living – in Islington

October 25, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Bike Candy, Cycling Accessories


We try to avoid it generally, but brace yourself. We are going to mention the C word.

Ah!  There it is, out in the open for all to see – and indeed, yes, summer really is only just over, but Christmas is a coming – in all its splendid, joyful, consummate glory!

Dare we say it, but some of our fabulously organised customers are already stocking up with BEG goodies – bikes have been ordered, helmets wrapped, bike baskets sent to Father Christmas…

But if you’d actually like to come and see us, try out a bike (they make amazing Christmas presents – particularly to yourself), see which helmet suits you, pick up a flask for Uncle Brian and procure a satchel for your hipster son/daughter/nephew/boyfriend (insert as appropriate), we are going to have a SHOP at The Country Living Christmas Fair in Islington, London!  The fair runs from Wednesday 7th November until Sunday 11th November, and has extended hours on the Wednesday for a gala evening, so you can always pop in after work.

Ho ho ho indeed!

You will be able to buy there and then from our entire BEG Bicycles collection and even better, we will be including our beautiful handmade willow baskets FREE with any bicycle purchase made during the course of the fair.

If you’d like to come, we are giving away TWO free tickets worth £13.00 each in a competition over on our facebook page.  Simply follow the link here and drop us a line to tell us…

I would like a BEG Bicycle for Christmas because…’

A little bit of Hush, please!

September 14, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy, Press, Sites we like...

Thanks to lovely Hush homeware for featuring us (or at least Catherine) on their blog and newsletter this month. We now all know where to go to get our new stylish cycling wardrobes this Autumn!   I want that super-cosy looking red outfit on the homepage in its entirety!  You can read the interview with Catherine  here on the Hush blog.

And by the way, Catherine says she doesn’t normally cycle around with dead leaves dangling out her basket. Right.  We did wonder…

Check out the beautiful Hush AW12 collection at  Oh and, Hush… tell your stylist to get some decent wheels for your model next time.  That old bike has seen better days!

Oh I do like to BEG beside the seaside…

July 25, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Bike Candy

We shot these Summer 12 images a long long time ago, and first showed them here back in the Spring when we thought the sun was going to be putting in a long-term appearance (little did we know…!)

Now, after the bleakest of British summers, THE SUN IS WELL AND TRULY BACK!

Feels like  a good time to dig out these out again and bask in some summer cycling rays!

A pink bicycle, home-made sandwiches and tah-dah… Tifamade.

June 21, 2012 in Bike Candy, Enjoy the ride, Sites we like...


We’ve been wanting to write a blogpost for ages about our friend Tiffany.  We first met Tiffany when we spied some of our BEG collection on her lovely foodie + cycling blog,, and then we found out that we had two things in common… pink bicycles (sigh!), and a love of Paris (it was living in Paris that inspired us in the first place to start BEG – as have probably said 67, 000 times!).

So please allow us to introduce Tiffany of Tifamade, urban cyclist, creator of Tifamade (delectably handmade lunches and beautifully styled catering brought to you by bicycle), doyenne of the gourmet Parisian sandwich, calligrapher (Tiffany did our ‘Glorious Summer of Cycling‘ lettering), photographer, cyclechic designer and general uber-cool girl about town (and not just any town.  Sorry.  Forgot, we’d mentioned Paris already. It is lovely though)…



Hello, Tiffany!  Tell us a bit about how you got into cycling your gorgeous pink bicycle all over Paris selling such delectable goodies from your vintage suitcase?

Hi BEGsters! So the long story is that I was living in Pantin at the time, and used the Canal Hoche/St. Martin to commute to Paris centre. I saw a triporteur for rent at a bike shop on the canal and couldn’t help thinking there should be some use for it. And I happened to stumble upon (ride upon?) the suitcase at just the same time. I was dating a coursier à velo (bike courier) so cycling was kind of a household thing.

Where did your love of cycling come from?

My dad is a huge cyclist who comes to France each year from the States for one of the big races. I grew up looking for a way to spend time with him, and that necessitated loving bikes too.



What gave you the inspiration to start Tifamade.

I thought about all the great food trucks in the United States, and then thought that I’d never be able to do that in Paris. So I decided to use my bike instead.

What’s your best-sellling sandwich?

Maybe I’m projecting because I love it so much, but anytime I make sandwiches with beet hummus, I get a lot of love. Beet hummus is a nice mellow way to eat beets if you aren’t already a huge fan of them.

How do you find cycling in Paris?

I started wearing a helmet religiously last year because my mom was getting an ulcer worrying about me. I say a lot of bad words under my breath because, to be honest, it can be a little sketchy sometimes. For the most part, I really enjoy the universal bike lane and Sundays when cyclists have a lot of freedom throughout the city.

We hear you also design a mean line of cycling accessories..?

Thanks, I try! I’m always trying to solve some design problem because I don’t necessarily want to roll up looking like a hard-core cyclist. Hence the cute bike lock sock and the pant guard. I’m still waiting for my millions, however.

What’s next in the Tifamade empire?

I’m dying for a cargo bike. But like with other bike-related designs, I’m looking for something that isn’t too cargo-y.


Congratulations… and Jubilations!

May 30, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy

… to the Queen on her Golden Jubilee and a remarkable 60 years on the throne!

What are you doing to celebrate?

Classically beautiful…

May 22, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy, Cycling Accessories, Enjoy the ride, Press

…and for once we’re not talking about our bicycles!

The fabulous Laura Wright, classical soprano and classical music chart topper, is riding our very own Bella in this week’s Hello magazine (and our 100% lambswool picnic blanket makes an appearance too!).   We love Laura so this is all rather exciting!

Laura’s having an incredible year.  Having been top of the classical album charts in 2011 with her album The Last Rose, Laura became the first soprano to perform at the Olympic Stadium in March and has been selected to record the new Diamond Jubilee song, ‘Stronger As One’, which HM The Queen mentioned in her Commonwealth Day Message at Westminster Abbey in March where the song was premiered.   She’s also just sung at the FA Cup final – and at our favourite – The RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  Her  new album, ‘Glorious’, was released yesterday –  a unique collection of great British songs, old and new, which will celebrate and commemorate the Diamond Jubilee – where she will fly the flag for Britain!

Anyway, we think Laura looks just beautiful  - and Bella isn’t bad either!

Many thanks to the team at Hello, Laura Wright and our friend, Selina Lake.

Heels on Wheels and a competition!

February 29, 2012 in Bike Candy, Reviews

Some things like dentist appointments and Sunday evenings seem to come round so quickly.  And some things don’t.   Here’s one of those things we’ve been dying to talk about for a long long time – and having waited for what feels like an eternity, finally can!  And we have a competition to announce too.

It all started about a year ago when we were on the lookout for an artist to do a stylish little illustration of our bicycles for us.  We were immediately  taken with Bristol-based illustrator Clare Owen’s gorgeous work, and felt the fit with Beg was great.  So we contacted Clare, and as it turned out, by great coincidence, Clare had just been commissioned to illustrate an entire book dedicated to cycling for women.   We sent Clare some of our Beg bicycles images to use as inspiration, and then the wait started.

And now here – ta-dah – it is!

Written by style journalist and style cyclist, Katie Dailey, Heels on Wheels:  A Lady’s Guide to Owning and Riding a Bike is making its bookshop debut today.  Perfectly timed for the joy of Spring cycling, Heels on Wheels is a compendium of information for women about everything to do with cycling, including lots of practical advice from choosing the right bike for you (of course, we already know the answer to that!), understanding what type of cyclist you are, and learning how to fix a puncture.   Every page is full of sugar almond colours, Clare’s delightful illustrations –  including a few that bear more than a passing resemblance to our very own wheels – making the whole book a real visual treat.  It’s clear from the moment that you set eyes on this book, that maintaining one’s sartorial integrity is as important as stopping at traffic lights.  We couldn’t agree more.


Here’s what the publisher, Hardie Grant Books says;

“Learning to ride a bike is easy, but getting back on one if you’re over the age of twelve – and particularly if you have developed a penchant for a tricky shoe– can be a daunting task. Katie Dailey offers the modern girl some sage advice for getting into the saddle either for the first time, or for the first time in a long time.  Heels on Wheels uncovers all things bike-related from how to choose your ‘Trusty Steed’ to the more practical details of how to navigate the busy streets, how to avoid accidents, and how to protect your bike from thieves. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the delightful pictures alone will inspire you to give two wheels a go. So whether you see yourself as a ’Speed Demon’, ‘Earth Mother’, ‘Fashion Victim’ or a ‘Retro Rider’ on two wheels, Katie Dailey’s charming and practical advice will help you fall in love with cycling either for the first time, or all over again.”



This is such a useful little book, but it is also witty, inspiring and just a jolly nice thing to own or give as a pressie to a practicing or wannabe cyclist.


And on that note, we’re really pleased to say that  HOT off the press, we have a signed copy of the book to give away to one lucky person!  We’d simply like you to tell us what your dream outfit and heels of choice would be for a ride on your wheels.  Please email us at by Friday 16th March and we’ll announce the winner shortly after.  


Heels on Wheels by Katie Dailey is published by Hardie Grant Books and is available to buy online here.

Ice cream colours for Spring Summer

February 21, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bike Candy

We’re enjoying London Fashion Week, and were very excited to see that our BEG Bicycle colours are spot-on trend-wise!  Look at Mulberry‘s beautiful SS12 collection.  Can’t imagine anything more beautiful to ride bicycles in than some of those summery outfits.  Just needs a couple of Bellas and a Betty in there to complete the collection!  Definitely Cycle Chic.

Quelle belle velo!

February 10, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Bike Candy

Nothing like some uber-stylish retail inspiration (note, ahem, I did not say ‘therapy’) to warm the cockles on these sub-zero temperature days, and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit the Parisian concept store, Merci, during a quick trip to Paris.

Despite opening in 2009, Merci is still talk of the town in the City of Light for its stunning industrial interior, continuously changing layout and displays and quick turnover of carefully curated fashion and interior products in its collection. Oh – and they have not one, but THREE lovely cafes.

We were really keen to visit Merci again to see the new My Bike installation… which was evident throughout the store, with some fantastic bike-oriented visual displays.  Tom Dixon’s enormous 72 bulb bike wheel chandelier was a highlight (pun totally intended) and we loved the merchandising of suspended bikes, bike bells, baskets and Brooks products galore.  There were some real visual treats in the form of vintage Japanese road bikes, a Pederson and a deconstructed bicycle installation.  Here are some pics…

True bike manna in a temple of style… and well worth a visit if you can wing a trip to Paris in the next few weeks.

Merci, 111 rue Beaumarchais, 75003, Paris


January 24, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Bicycles, Bike Candy

Sundays evenings are always a bit of a double-edged sword.  Desperately clinging to the last remnants of the week-end whilst luxuriating in those final few heavenly hours of freedom.  That must be why Sunday night comfort TV is so important… and we’re certainly getting our fill of bike-candy at the moment, thanks to BBC1′s Call the Midwife!  Pristine midwives in starchy uniforms pedalling furiously through grimy east end back streets on fabulous sit up and beg bicycles.  Oh –  the week is too long.  Bring on next Sunday!


PS Is the bicycle in the last image a Phillips, vintage-bicycle gurus?

Deck the hall with bikes of holly!!!

December 19, 2011 in Bike Candy

Image courtesy of {Cyclivist} via {The Bicycle is Art}