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The April Joy Ride

April 22, 2014 in Joy Rides



Esther has planned a stunning ride to round off April, and if we haven’t already tempted you over to Norfolk to visit our stand  at the County Fair (see here for more on that!), cycling around some of Cambridgeshire’s lovely lanes is a very good alternative on The List of Fabulous Ways to Spend a Spring Weekend. Here are all the details about the ride…


 Next Sunday 27 April is our April Joy Ride. We’ll be heading to lovely Saffron Walden and meeting at the Swan Meadow car park at 10.30am.

 We’ll be heading out to Littlebury and then out into the Essex countryside, past Audley End and then back into Saffron Walden. It’s about an eight to ten mile ride and Malcolm tells me that there are some small inclines on route.   Once we’ve finished the ride, we will perambulate into Saffron Walden for tea and cake. My recommendation is Molly’s Coffee Shop!

Hope to see you on Sunday! Please do email us on if you have any questions, or to book a spot on the ride (we like to keep our rides small and sweet, so places are limited).


Our May Beg Bicycles Joy Ride is on Sunday 11 May – details to follow soon!


Pedal into Spring

March 18, 2014 in Bicycle inspiration, Joy Rides

A mere week of sunny days and marginally warmer temperatures and the world seems like a much friendlier place.   We’ve heard from lots of you that you’ve been out cycling so much more than winter allowed, and long may it continue, we say.  Welcome to Spring, bicycle lovers!

Our next Beg Bicycles Joy Ride is on Sunday 23 March 2014, meeting at 10.30am. We’ll be cycling from the lovely National Trust Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire  (meet in the car park) and travelling around the daffodil-lined lanes in the area before heading back for scrumptious tea and cakes at Anglesey Abbeys lovely cafe and garden.  Joy Rides are all about enjoying a genteel bike ride at a manageable pace, gorgeous scenery and great company. Oh – and the obligatory cake stop!   For anyone thinking about coming along, you can read about our previous rides here.

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday morning!

Future Joy Ride dates for the diary include Sunday 27 April and Sunday 11 May 2014, and monthly thereafter through the summer and Autumn.   Watch this space!



We like to keep our rides small and sweet so please drop us a line at to confirm your place.


Joy Rides February – a case of deja vu?

February 12, 2013 in Bicycles, Enjoy the ride, Joy Rides


After being properly scuppered by the snowy conditions in January, we’re going to give it a go again with the Beg Bicycles February Joy Ride.  January’s cancelled ride was such a good one, we’re running it again (or rather riding it) and we hope you’ll come along too for some great cycling company, super-tasty pit-stops (coffee and cake is always a pre-requisite!) and generally a good time.

The February ride is on Sunday 17 February. We’ll be meeting at Shepreth train station car park at 10.30am.  To fortify us prior to setting off, we’ll have tea and cake at Teacake, a lovely little tea room in Shepreth, which we went to last January and is well worth a return visit for its warm welcome and the owners’ impressive knowledge of aromatic teas!

From there, we’ll cycle to Fowlmere, Newton, Haslingfield and Barrington (yes, we’re going up Barrington Hill, gulp!) and then have another well-deserved pit stop at the Royal Oak pub in Barrington.  Keeping it informal, I won’t be booking a table for us all for this stop, so if you’d like to eat please do, or just stop for a drink, the choice is yours!

From Barrington, we’ll continue back to Shepreth. The cycle route is a round trip of 11 miles.

Look forward to seeing you on 17 February!  Any queries, as ever, please do drop us an email here or call Esther on 07910 487 856.  If you can let us know if you are coming along, that would be REALLY great!


By the way – the image above is, of course, a joke.  We look a whole lot more sporty than that – and naturally go a lot faster.


Joy Rides 2013

January 8, 2013 in Bicycle inspiration, Enjoy the ride, Joy Rides

Esther’s kicking off a brand spanking new year of our wonderful Joy Rides with a real treat for January!   Yes, another year bites the dust, but the Beg Bicycles January Joy Ride proposes to blow away the cobwebs, while still retaining some festive cheer!   We have not one but TWO potential foodie stops on the way.  Well, we have to ease ourselves back in gently, don’t we?

The January ride is on Sunday 20 January. We’ll be meeting at Shepreth train station car park at 10.30am.  To fortify us prior to setting off, we’ll have tea and cake at Teacake, a lovely little tea room in Shepreth, which we went to last January and is well worth a return visit for its warm welcome and the owners’ impressive knowledge of aromatic teas!

From there, we’ll cycle to Fowlmere, Newton, Haslingfield and Barrington (yes, we’re going up Barrington Hill, gulp!) and then have another well-deserved pit stop at the Royal Oak pub in Barrington.  Keeping it informal, Esther won’t be booking a table for us all for this stop, so if you’d like to eat please do, or just stop for a drink, the choice is yours!

From Barrington, we’ll continue back to Shepreth. The cycle route is a round trip of 11 miles.

Really hope you can join us on 20 January!  Any queries, as ever, please do drop Esther a line at

The October Joy Ride

October 29, 2012 in Bicycles, Enjoy the ride, Joy Rides

The October  Beg Bicycles Joy Ride was one of those lovely scenic bike rides that clears the cobwebs and makes you glad to be alive!  It really was a day of mists and mellow fruitfulness and yet again, a dry day!  Our Joy Rides have certainly been smiled on by the weather gods this year!

We met at Newnham Road car park and then cycled through the centre of Cambridge (avoiding dogs, tourists, pedestrians!) and then alongside the river, admiring the hustle and bustle of rowing activity on and around the riverside.

From there, we swished through the autumn leaves out to Milton Country Park where we stopped for tea and cake.  I enjoyed a large steaming mug of coffee and the gooiest chocolate muffin you have ever seen!  Well, we’d cycled six miles, so needed refuelling!  The conversation quickly turned to the merits of different cake and quite a debate ensued!  We were delighted to welcome to the ride Miss Sue Flay of The Secluded Tea Party so we definitely had an expert on hand for our baking and caking questions!

Following a lovely pitstop in the fresh air and a good chinwag, we made our way back from Milton Country Park to the centre of Cambridge and said our farewells.

The last Beg Bicycles Joy Ride for 2012 will be on Sunday 25 November.  Further details to follow – and hope we’ll see you!

Thanks to Sue and Esther for the images.

Joy Rides Cambridge… and Le Joy Ride Paris!

October 15, 2012 in Bicycle inspiration, Enjoy the ride, Joy Rides


Someone switched on Autumn all of a sudden, but there is still time for some lovely seasonal bike rides before the weather turns wintery!  We’ve got lots of great rides lined up in the coming months, including our regular Cambridge ride this Sunday (21st October).  Joy Rides also crossed the channel this month (Le Joy Ride Paris?) for a very scenic ride along the Seine, and we’ll be doing another one in November.  Details to follow for any Parisians who would like to come along.  Chapeau!

For the Beg Bicycles Joy Ride on Sunday 21 October, we’ll be meeting at 10.30am at the Newnham Road Car Park in Cambridge

From there we’ll be cycling through Cambridge and out to Milton Country Park, where we’ll enjoy a cuppa at the country park cafe before completing a circular route back to Newnham Road.  The ride is approximately 8 miles.  Really hope you can join us!

Don’t forget, you can find out more information about Beg Bicycles at and can read all about our previous Joy Riding exploits here!

Happy Birthday, Joy Rides!

September 18, 2012 in Bicycles, Joy Rides


Incredibly,  it was a year ago that we hosted the inaugural Joy Ride through leafy Cambridge!  Thank you to everyone who has been on the journey (!) with us for the past year – we’ve cycled through some beautiful lanes to some amazing destinations across Cambridgeshire and enjoyed some lovely coffee and cake breaks!

For our September Joy Ride on Sunday 23 September, we will be meeting at Wimpole Hall car park at 10.30am.

We will do a circular route from Wimpole Hall, arriving back at the Stables for tea and cake.  Even more exciting, it is Wimpole at War this Sunday so we can indulge in a little 1940s fun!

For those of you who came to the Wimpole at War ride last year, you’ll remember that we saw people in costume, had a wander around the vintage stalls and even saw Winston Churchill!  It was a fabulous day out!

Look forward to seeing you at 10.30am at the car park at Wimpole Hall on Sunday 23 September (this Sunday).  If you are not a National Trust member, there is a charge for car parking.

Future Joy Ride dates: Sunday 21 October and Sunday 25 November.  Please make sure you’ve got them in your diaries and more details on the BEG blog nearer the time.  We take a break in December and then start again in January.

The miraculous July Joy Ride

August 8, 2012 in Joy Rides

Bradley Wigins and TeamGB eat your heart out…  here’s how champion ride organiser, Esther, got on with her road ride around Cambs for our regular monthly ride with a pelaton of somewhat less than speedy but eminently eager Joy Riders.    Allez Esther!

After weeks, nay months, of monsoon-like weather, it was nothing short of a miracle to wake up to blue skies and warm sunshine for the Joy Ride on Sunday 15 July.

We tootled over to Anglesey Abbey to meet the other Joy Riders. It was perfect cycling weather – warm, a slight breeze and dry! Hurrah!

From Anglesey Abbey, we cycled through Bottisham to the villages of Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior. These picture postcard villages are well worth a visit, and were wonderful to cycle through on a tranquil Sunday morning. Quintessentially English, they feature characterful churches, lovely cottages (complete with roses around the cottage door) and Tudor timbererd houses, bedecked with jolly union flag bunting! I was able to live out all my Miss Marple fantasies as we pootled along these lovely village roads.

From there we cycled on to Reach, passing open expansive fields dotted with cornflowers and poppies. When it stops raining, it is possible to notice how truly glorious the countryside is at this time of year!

Passing horses basking in the sunshine, we cycled over a bridge crossing the Lode and onto the village of Lode before heading back to Anglesey Abbey for tea and cake. We then enjoyed a stroll around the gardens, including the stunning winter garden and the breath-taking herbacous borders, before wending our way home.   A wonderful respite from the recent British ‘summer’, the chance to pootle through picturesque villages in the warm sunshine with lovely company was a heart-warming experience which will keep us all that little bit happier if the grey skies move into place again next week!


More info about August’s ride to follow soon…

The (Suprisingly!) Joyful June Joy Ride….

June 20, 2012 in Joy Rides

Following the autumnal gales and rain of this week, Esther was facing last Sunday’s Joy Ride with rather a sense of trepidation.  Luckily enough, the BEG gods were shining and a  small window of summer sunshine and hazy heat greeted the Joy Riders on their June ride…  Here’s how they got on;

Full of the joys of spring/summer/autumn, whatever season we’re supposed to be in, we happy band of cyclists met at the car park at Newham Road in Cambridge  on Sunday 10 June.

From there, we cycled along the A603 cycle path to Burwash Manor for the first tea stop of the day at the Barn Tea Rooms.  It was such a novelty to be able to sit outside for tea and cake, basking in lovely sunshine and enjoying the sound of bird song and and, frankly, a good chin wag!  Feeling refreshed after an Earl Grey and a cream tea (and trying to avoid the lovely things at Burwash Manor that kept whispering ‘buy me’), it was time to continue our journey towards Haslingfield.

It has to be said that the downpours of rain have done wonders for the lush green Cambridgeshire countryside and it was wonderful to see everything in full bloom!


From New Road in Haslingfield, we turned into Cantaloupe Road and then followed the bridlepath and footpath (bumpity bumpity!) to Grantchester, emerging from the fields close to The Orchard – tea stop two!  For those readers thinking of coming along on a Joy Ride, I hasten to add that it is not usual for us to have two tea stops!  However, being so close to The Orchard, it would have seemed rude not to pop in.  So a happy second stop was enjoyed in The Orchard’s famous garden, where time always seems to stand still.  Not being greedy cyclists, we mostly just enjoyed a cooling drink at this point.

We then crossed the Grantchester Meadows and headed back to our starting point at the car park, just as the grey clouds started to roll in!

With many thanks as always to Malcolm Price for devising the route and to Kay, Malcolm, Sarah, Sally, Anna, Brian and Amanda for coming along on the ride and making it such fun!

A massive thank you to Sally from Cambridge Raincoats who loaned me a beautiful navy raincoat.  If you’re a regular cyclist and want to stay stylish, warm and dry, do consider buying a Cambridge Raincoat, they are just lovely.  And if you’re not a cyclist, you’ll just look super swish in one.


(If you are really on the ball and wondering where our review of May’s ride is, your right; we’re a bit out of synch!  It’s ready and will be posted in a few days!)

The Marvellous May Joy Ride

May 9, 2012 in Joy Rides

The best laid plans and all that… we’re so disappointed to tell you that the ride to Bourn with the pop-up tea party will now not be happening (we’ve been rather let down at the last minute by a supplier and hence why there’s not been any info on the blog).  Its a great shame as we had some lovely things planned, but we will be working to revisit the whole idea of something glamorous and bike-ride focused later in the year.

Saying all that, and in the meantime, we are delighted to say that it’s still business as usual on the gentille bike ride front and the May Joy Ride is STILL very much happening this coming Sunday, 13th May.  We have a brand spanking new ride in and around beautiful Ely.  Well done to Esther for pulling this off last minute.

We will be meeting at 10.30am at Ely Train Station.  For those riders coming in by car, can I suggest that we park up in one of the car parks in the centre of Ely and then cycle to meet together at the train station?  For those riders coming by train, there is a train that gets into Ely train station at 10.20am.  We’ll then do a circular route around Ely and stop for tea and cake at Peacock’s Tea Room.

REALLY hope old friends and new will come along for the ride!

Cue beautiful bike shot.. (This give us a fabulous opportunity to gratuitiously promote one of our new products that will be in the shop this week… More info tomorrow!)

Cycling in the April sunshine (really!)

April 27, 2012 in Joy Rides

The weather gods smiled on the Joy Riders again for the bicycle ride on Sunday 22 April.  Despite a week of mixed-up monsoon weather there was a little pocket of warm sunshine and blue skies for our lovely spring Ride.  Setting out from Riverside Barns at Ickleton,  we traversed some not inconsiderable inclines (puff! pant!) up to Strethall on the Cambridgeshire/Essex border.

We passed glorious bright yellow fields of rapeseed, vivid against  green hedgerows, and saw sky larks frolicking in the sunshine.  It was blissful!  We then continued on to the lovely little village of Littlebury and passed Howes Wood, resplendent with bluebells.  From there, it was downhill all the way (wheeeeee!) to Ickleton village and then a quick cycle along the main road back to the Riverside Barns.

Over a cup of coffee and very fine cake (the carrot cake was especially yummy!) we enjoyed the sunshine, sitting by the lake and watching the ducks and chickens who popped across to make friends (hoping for some cake, of course!).

  1. “Crikey, my ducks!  Check out that stunning bike over there”

It was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning and even more enjoyable as the spring weather had decided to return for our ride!  Many thanks to Malcolm P for the cycle route and to Kay and Malcolm, Jess (who came all the way from London), Sarah, Nick and Annie for coming along on the ride.  It was delightful to meet Sally from The Cambridge Raincoat Company who came along on the ride and was modelling a very swish red raincoat with lovely polka dot linking from her own range that we were all coveting!


The next Joy Ride is on Sunday 13 May – more details to follow!

Coming up in May…

March 31, 2012 in Joy Rides

.. the Marvellous May Ride!  As seen in today’s The Independent 50 Best Spring Days Out, we’ve got an extra special Joy Ride coming up in May.

Here’s the official blurb…

The Marvellous May Ride; A genteel bike ride in the glorious Cambridgeshire countryside.

Organised monthly by Beg Bicycles, the Marvellous May Ride will be held on Sunday 13th May and will take in the lovely countryside just outside Cambridge, ending up with a proper pop-up ‘afternoon’ tea in a meadow after the ride.

The Joy Ride itself is free, because we simply want people to come along and enjoy a nice bike ride, but we will be asking for an (optional) donation of £7.50 minimum to enjoy the pop-up tea – in a bell tent in a meadow with bone china and a gramophone!  Stop watches are strictly banned.

The ride will start at 10.30 and we’ll cycle around the lovely countryside around Cambridge.  Please email us at to register a place whereupon we will be able to tell you the start point location.


Joy Riding through Spring

March 29, 2012 in Joy Rides

OK… so we know it feels like spring decided to give us a miss this year and we’ve fast forwarded straight from February to July, but we had two spectacular Joy Rides in February and March.  Delighted to say we’re having a fantastic turnout… there were 14 cyclists for the February ride, and pretty soon, no corner of Cambs will be left unexplored (so that last bit is rather an exaggeration but…).  Esther is really on the ball and writes these fab blog posts after each ride – and then I fail to get them up on the blog… so here is a double whammy, Joy Rides Special reviewing the February and March rides!  Take it away, Esther…!


March  - A Blooming Lovely Joy Ride

Mother Nature has been so kind to the Joy Rides so far, and the March ride on Sunday 25 March was no exception.  The day started with a pea souper fog, but by the time we were pedalling, the skies had cleared to reveal a bright, cloudless blue with brilliant sunshine.  Which was very timely as this ride was all about celebrating the glorious arrival of spring.

We started from the visitor car park at Imperial War Museum Duxford (already filling up quickly as visitors arrived to enjoy a day out at the museum) and cycled up to Whittlesford, turning into picturesque Newton with its thatched cottages and expansive fields.  From there we cycled to Thriplow and already started to see hosts of golden daffodils as we reached the road sign welcoming us to the village and saw the church spire in the distance.

We also had more than one occasion to enjoy the freedom and thrill of whizzing downhill in the spring breeze – there really is nothing to better it!

After a gentle tour of Thriplow, we cycled back to Heathfield and then finished back at Imperial War Museum Duxford where, laden with tea and cake, we sat outside in the sunshine and watched one or two historic aircraft practice flying.  We could happily have stayed there all day!

A blooming beautiful daffy joy ride was enjoyed by all!  Thank you so much to Malcolm for the fabulous cycle route and to Kay and Malcolm, Bea and Mel, Niki, Lizzy, Sarah and Vicky for making the ride so enjoyable.

The next ride is on Sunday 22 April.  More details to follow soon …!



A Springtime Sunday in Cambridge and Grantchester  - The February Joy Ride

What a wonderful way to spend a gloriously warm and sunny spring Sunday! 14 of us met at the Trumpington Park and Ride and then cycled in the sunshine along the guided bus route, into Cambridge and along the Backs.  We could not have picked a better day for a bicycle ride – it was warm, sunny and everyone we passed seemed to have a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

We cycled along the river, passing the great eclectic architecture of the boathouses and taking in the traditional sight of the rowing crews practising on the river.  From there, we cycled down to Newnham and saw the first appearances of spring flowers – snowdrops, daffodils, and a carpet of lavender crocuses.  Just beautiful, and gave us a great sense of the calm and wellbeing that comes from connecting with nature when meandering gently along on a bicyle on such a seasonal spring day.

Next destination on the ride was Grantchester Meadows, where we joined the dog-walkers and walkers enjoying the lovely weather.  By this time it was  very balmy and such a pleasure to feel the warmth of the sun.  We reached our tea stop at The Orchard feeling invigorated and lively but in need of refreshment and sustainance.  So, tea, cake, scones (The Orchard is rightly famous for its scrumptious and generously-sized home-made scones) and other goodies were purchased before we joined the many other partakers of English tea in the lovely Orchard gardens.

After refreshment and a jolly good gossip, it was all too soon time to wend our way through the lovely Grantchester village, and back to the Park and Ride.  A blissful way to spend a Sunday and a lovely memory that will stay with us throughout the working week ahead..

With many thanks to Malcolm P for devising the ride, and to Sarah & Nick, Jess,Kay & Malcolm W, Keith, Bea & Mel, Vicky, Louise & Steve and Sarah R (my cake afficienado!) for taking the time to come along.



A Daffy Joy Ride…

March 20, 2012 in Joy Rides

How can it be less than a week until the next Joy Ride?  Somebody stole March! Where did it go?

Our next Joy Ride is this Sunday, March 25th and we’ll be starting our ride from the Visitor Centre car park at Imperial War Museum Duxford at 10.30am.  Just follow signs to the Visitor Centre car park from the A505.  If you can park in the spaces nearest the entrance, that will help us find each other!  For those of us that are cycling to IWM Duxford, there’s a cycle rack in the cark park.

From IWM Duxford, we’ll cycle around Whittlesford, Newton and take in the wonderfully uplifting sight of the crowds of daffodils in Thriplow village.  From there, we’ll cycle back to IWM Duxford, where Esther’s  got special permission to allow us to have tea and cake in the Mess Restaurant.

If you fancy staying on and looking around the museum, the normal charges will apply.

Hoping to see you on Sunday 25 March – don’t forget that the clocks go forward that day, so it truly will be spring!

The Fabulous February Joy Ride

February 20, 2012 in Joy Rides

Esther’s planned another great ride for February.  Hope you’ll come along!

“Well, where has February gone?  I blinked and it’s suddenly a week before  the next Joy Ride!

For the Joy Ride on Sunday 26 February, we’re heading into Cambridge.  We’ll meet at 10.30am at Trumpington Park and Ride and from there head into the city.  We’ll cross the river, travel down the Backs and head through Newnham.  From there we’ll cross the lovely Grantchester Meadows to the Orchard Tea Rooms. We’ll be revisiting the venue for our first ever Joy Ride!

It’s approximately an 8 mile round trip in total, but we always go at the speed of the slowest rider (usually me!) so there is no speed or time constraint.  It’s Sunday after all and we’ll be taking life at a suitably leisurely pace.

Hopefully the slightly more spring-like weather will continue!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday – and if you have any questions, please do shout!

Esther x”



10 GREAT reasons to cycle this Christmas

December 8, 2011 in Enjoy the ride, Joy Rides, Press

Phew! It’s been a bit of a week… Firstly, we’ve had a incredible photographer and stylist here this week taking very beautiful shots of our place, which sounds glam but has actually involved ‘magically’ making half our worldly goods disappear (ie shoved under every bed, into every cupboard, filling up the cellar to bursting… how we ever will find anything again is the worry du jour!) and a lot of masking tape.  The results are very spectacular but can’t be discussed further for some time… which is making me ache with impatience.

Then we were invited by the very nice people at British Cycling’s Sky Rides to be their first ever guest writer for their Christmas blog post, and this is what we wrote (ahem… sorry if you recognise the first bit from an earlier post.  There was a bit of judicious copying and pasting because…well… sometimes you just can’t rewrite something that turned out how you wanted it to be the first time and was still right the second time you wanted to say the same thing!  You still following…?).  You can read the whole article here.



By the way, this is a good time to say a bit more about Sky Rides.  Created by British Cycling, Sky Rides are a fabulous network of organised bike rides across Britain, open to all.  Read all about their fabulous regular events on their website, and for some great women-only rides, they have also created the Breeze network – all free, fun and guaranteed to get you hooked on cycling!


A Very Merry Joy Ride Indeed

December 2, 2011 in Bicycles, Joy Rides

We’re on a Joy Ride report roll today!  Read Esther’s review of the Christmas Joy Ride…

The last Joy Ride of the year was an absolute cracker!

A bumper group of cyclists gathered at the John Barleycorn pub in Duxford village on Sunday 20 November.  The weather has been very kind for this year’s Joy Rides, and the November ride was no exception – not a cloud in the sky!

We pedalled off on a circuitous route which took us up some hilly inclines (who knew Cambridgeshire had hills?) and behind the historic airfield of Imperial War Museum Duxford.   Following the country lanes, we passed rolling green fields aplenty before reaching Ickleton.  Here we took a spontaneous detour to The Barns for coffee next to the lake, where we made friends with the swans and ducks.   Suitably refreshed, we continued onward to the picturesque village of Hinxton before completing our circuit back to Duxford village.  Having cycled a grand total of 12 miles, and this being our last ride before Christmas, we felt that our healthy virtue deserved a treat.

There followed a fabulous Sunday lunch complete with crackers (well, you’ve got to have the bad jokes at a Christmas meal…!) and a delightfully relaxing end to a jolly day.  We were very merry gentlemen (and ladies) indeed.

With many thanks to Malcolm for the cycle route and to Dave, Siobhan, Bea, Mel, Sarah, Nick, Eileen, Ann, Jo, Vicky and Mary for making the final Joy Ride of the year so wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who has attended a Joy Ride this year.  When Catherine and I first discussed the Joy Ride concept over a large glass of wine (or two!) we had no idea it would be this popular.  I’ve had a fantastic time and met some amazing people – so thank you!

Very much looking forward to 2012 – discovering new rides, new places and new friends.


Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness!

December 2, 2011 in Joy Rides

By Esther… (but post rather overdue.  Can anyone actually remember October by now, ahem, Catherine!)

It was a truly autumnal day for the October Joy Ride – misty, slightly grey, but unseasonably warm!

Undaunted by the slightly inclement conditions, our intrepid gang set off from the Park and Ride at Newmarket Road, Cambridge, pausing only for a pre-cycle photograph under the giant bicycle sculpture.  Who could resist?

We biked along the fantastic cycle paths, enjoying the changing colours of the season as we rode.  On arriving at the stately Anglesey Abbey, we enjoyed a welcome cup of caffeine and some of the largest cake we have ever seen!  Joy Riders then took to two feet for a while to enjoy the gardens, see the working mill or indulge at the gift shop.  Esther seemed to have purchased an entire library from the second-hand book shop (recommended for all bookworms!)

All too soon, it was time to wend our way through the mist, back to the Park and Ride for the conclusion of another cheery Joy Ride.

With thanks to Dave for the cycle route.  The intrepid award is shared between Catherine and Joe, Siobhan and Daisy (who brought her lovely 1920s bicycle – complete with candle-lit lamp!) for travelling so far for the ride.

Thank you to everyone who came along – Dave, Catherine, Joe, Siobhan, Daisy, Jess, Malcolm and Keith.  The rides wouldn’t be joyful without you!

A Very Merry Joy Ride – Sunday 20 November

November 16, 2011 in Joy Rides

Esther’s been busy planning and testing the next Joy Ride, which is this Sunday, 20th November. It will be our seasonal ride and get together, as it is likely we’ll all be rather busy in late December!

We’ll be meeting at 10.30am at the traditional John Barleycorn Pub in Duxford Village. From there, we will cycle around the lovely lanes, doing a circular route that takes us back to the John Barleycorn in time for a scrumptious Sunday Lunch. No coffee and cake this time, but a traditional Sunday roast should more than make up for that. It is nearly Christmas after all and surely we’re allowed to indulge ourselves (even more, no?)

We’ve booked a table for 1.00pm – which should give us more than ample time to do the ride. Esther is even planning on bringing crackers!

If you can’t stay for lunch, but would still like to do the ride, please do still come along! The more the merrier (gentleman… and all that!).

There will be no Joy Ride in December, but we’ll reconvene in January to work off those mince pies!


The October Joy Ride

October 14, 2011 in Joy Rides

Delighted to announce that  October’s Joy Ride will be held on Sunday 30 October – and is a cracker!  We’ll meet at the Newmarket Road Park and Ride – appropriately next to the large cycle sculpture – you can’t miss it!

Meeting time will be 10.30am AND don’t forget that the clocks go back on Saturday night!

We’ll then cycle to the stunning National Trust property Anglesey Abbey where we can indulge in some very fine coffee and cake (which Esther has been trialling especially for the Joy Ride, and confirms that it is very good!) and then for those Joy Riders who would like to have a wander around the gardens, house or just the shop, we can spend an hour enjoying the Abbey and its grounds.  National Trust members, please bring your membership cards for this, and non-members should be prepared to pay for entry to the house and gardens.  We can decide that on the day, depending on the weather!  We could, of course, just drink more coffee and eat more cake!

Everyone welcome – young, old, pro cyclist or those that fancy a bit of an amble along some very nice lanes (although it’s fair to say that we tend to fall into the latter category!!!).  Really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 30 October for some cycling, cake and chat!   Any queries or question? Contact us on

And to help you bide your time, whilst you wait with increasing excitement and expectation for the Joy Ride to begin, some Anglesey Abbey autumn eye candy…!