Our new very dapper ‘cafe racer’ Omer’s good looks evoke WW2 British parabikes, but retain a cool European dignity with its beautiful detailing and elegantly arching top tubes, making Omer truly a bicycle of beauty. Omer comes in two varieties, the Comfort or Sport. The Comfort features an upright handlebar and the wider Brooks B67 saddle, whilst the Sport features a lower bar position reminiscent of the old English “Path Racers’ and the sporty Brooks Colt saddle. Both are minimalist bikes that come equipped with SRAM’s amazing cable-free two speed automatic hub, although you can up-spec the bike to a Sturmey Archer three speed hub if you prefer, and super-shock absorbant Schwalbe Fat Frank tyres. Click through the images to see both styles.

Frame sizes: 53cm.
Colours: Matt black, Gloss black, Toad taupe, chalk.

Omer is available from stock on occasion in our favourite configuration (Sport with the Automtatix hub as seen here) or we can custom build an Omer with a myriad of bar, grip, saddle, tyre and gear options just for you. Get in touch for full details on 01223 655222.

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