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Brooks Island Cycle Helmet - Orange / Medium

$99.81 $124.78


The Brooks Island cycling helmet has an urban aesthetic of pure and elegant lines, typical of all Brooks England brand products, and offers a high quality finish, far superior to other brands.

The helmet is designed to absorb the energy of a possible impact and offers superior protection on the sides, especially recommended in urban circuits. It has perfect ventilation with a front and rear air inlet.


The Brooks bike saddle story started way back in 1865, a young man of just 19 years of age was said to have bought 'one of those new-fangled velocipedes' which was fitted with a wooden saddle, this proved excruciating. As luck would have it his father made leather saddles for horses, so the young man known as John Boultbee Brooks set to work in his fathers workshop designing and developing a comfortable saddle from leather. The rest they say is history....

Brooks experience in saddle making goes right back to the beginning - back to the period of solid tyres - and is unequalled by any other house in the world.

That said, they recognise the fact that they cannot rely on their past history alone, so they still build saddles with the same attitude as when they started, 'quality first', both in materials and manufacture. The testament to this is that there are still saddles in active use today, made many many years ago.


  • Size: M (52-58),
  • Comfortable design.
  • Polycarbonate outer shell.
  • Internal antibacterial padding with removable velcro.
  • Approved for cycling with the CE certificate - EN 1078 or CPSC 1203.
  • Weight: 410g.
  • FIT closure system.
  • Made in Italy.

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