Phew! It’s been a bit of a week… Firstly, we’ve had a incredible photographer and stylist here this week taking very beautiful shots of our place, which sounds glam but has actually involved ‘magically’ making half our worldly goods disappear (ie shoved under every bed, into every cupboard, filling up the cellar to bursting… how we ever will find anything again is the worry du jour!) and a lot of masking tape.  The results are very spectacular but can’t be discussed further for some time… which is making me ache with impatience.

Then we were invited by the very nice people at British Cycling’s Sky Rides to be their first ever guest writer for their Christmas blog post, and this is what we wrote (ahem… sorry if you recognise the first bit from an earlier post.  There was a bit of judicious copying and pasting because…well… sometimes you just can’t rewrite something that turned out how you wanted it to be the first time and was still right the second time you wanted to say the same thing!  You still following…?).  You can read the whole article here.

By the way, this is a good time to say a bit more about Sky Rides.  Created by British CyclingSky Rides are a fabulous network of organised bike rides across Britain, open to all.  Read all about their fabulous regular events on their website, and for some great women-only rides, they have also created the Breeze network – all free, fun and guaranteed to get you hooked on cycling!