Hello! We’re Cambridge-based BEG Bicycles and we sell classically styled Dutch bicycles and premium quality cycling accessories such as cycle helmets and bike baskets, all with a delightfully dignified demeanour! BEG bicycles owe their aesthetic to traditional Sit Up and BEG style vintage bicycles. Our mens and ladies bicycles are hand-built exclusively in small batches in Belgium by our partners, a bicycle-building family who have been making high quality frames and classic bicycles by hand since 1946. Combining gorgeous vintage detailing with highest quality components, the only bump in your ride will be choosing which model to go for! BEG Bicycles accessories are premium, practical cycling accessories that work equally well in the heat of the city and the calm of the countryside. Whether you lug your laptop to work everyday, load up with groceries from the farmers’ market, or simply want to go out for a fresh wintery bike ride with a steaming cuppa along the way, you can accessorise your ride with style with BEG. Using a carefully sourced palette of materials including willow, wool, leather and wood, every aspect of the Beg Bicycles accessory collection has been created with practicality, durability, style and quality in mind.

Please call us on 07718 498636 or email hello@begbicycles.com


'This is Mike! She absolutely loved the bike!!!! She was so excited when she saw it!!! Thank you so much!' - Mike M, California

'I have just cycled all the way home with a massive smile on my face!! Thank you so much for making the experience of buying a bike so enjoyable' - Jim, Cambs

'I love my new bike! It's brilliant, just what I wanted. Thank you very much for everything you did!' - Gareth, Surrey

'It is a couple of months since we received our lovely BEG bicycles so I thought I would email you a couple of photos. We have had a wonderful time out and about on the bikes. We are so thrilled with our bikes and know that they will bring us happiness for many years to come' - Sophie and Darren, Suffolk

'My bike is still fantastic after two and a half years and still gets appreciative comments. A bloke stopped and got out of his van this afternoon to tell me how great he thought it looked' - Brian, Southport

'I have ridden it every single day I have been in this city and I cannot tell you what a joy it is to ride. Best bike I’ve ever had!' - Garth, Paris

'My bike is a thing of true beauty, I've already been stopped a few times by admirers! Thanks again! :-)' - Dave, Southport

'I have been using the bike as often as I can and it works perfectly. I do get comments about the bike and very often from young people. On Sunday I took my bike out for a ride since it was nice sunny weather. I rolled down the main street towards downtown Moss and was heading for the old industrial area. I passed through the old cobblestone road and somehow the bike just stopped at first pub well I couldn't argue so in I went for a nice cold beer. Took the beer with me outside, we Norwegians like to sit outside almost to you get frost under your nose. Sat outside under the tree in the shadow in this old and wear down garden and enjoyed another cold beer and the sun was shining. A perfect Sunday spent with my bike' - Gert, Norway

'Just to say that the bike arrived in London on Tuesday and it is now looking rather magnificent at home here in France' - Annabella, France