So after all our months of planning, we finally got the chance to show our bicycles to a few of you at the Beg launch at the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington last week.  Well, 25, 500 people to be precise.  And boy, what a welcome we received.   It was amazing to hear all the cooing over the bicycles and we even had a tear… not because the saddle was too high and it was painful, I hasten to add, but from a former District Nurse, who used to do her patient rounds on her beloved Sit Up and Beg bicycle!   We got to hear some fabulous stories of people’s first bicycles, the excitement of unwrapping a new bicycle for Christmas and some incredible bicycles adventures people have had.   We’re most excited about the sheer buzz there seems to be amongst women, in particular, who are keen to get back in the saddle and take to two wheels again.

All we REALLY needed was a velodrome for some test cycling (Health and Safety boringly prevented us from allowing people to have a bit of a pedal!) and I’m confident that there would have been a few bicycles riding off into the Islington sunset if we hadn’t kept a close eye on them!

We’re now really looking forward to seeing our new Beg bicyclists out and about enjoying their Bellas and Bettys, not to mention all the Old School Satchels that are gracing our streets.  Thank you, lovely customers!