Gertie's Bertie and other BEG bicycle customisations!

It's always a joy to hear how our BEG Bicycles customers are getting on with their BEG products, and we have been astounded by how many customers from the past ten years have got in touch with us during this extraordinary phase of lockdown. 

From @smithandwonder who have been drawing the fabulous Bertie bicycle we made for very cool hairdressers Mooch Brighton in their signature yellow to Darren's hand-crafted and phenomenally designed water bottle holder designed specifically for the crossbar of his Billy bicycle, we are constantly amazed at the loyalty of our BEG riders, the beautiful rides they go on (plus stunning accompanying photography!) and the ingenuity of their creativity to make their riding experience just that little bit more personal to them.

Darren's hand-crafted Chilli water bottle holder for his Billy bicycle, coordinating beautifully with his tan grips and Brooks' saddle.

Mooch Brighton proudly display their bespoke Bertie in their signature yellow

@smithandwonder's beautiful Bertie illustration 

The ultimate customisation however, goes to one of our all-time favourite customers, Gert in Oslo, Norway, who since first taking ownership of his Bertie back in 2017, has lovingly created all sorts of highly bespoke accessories for his bike. 

It all started off with Gert adding some carefully selected accessories to heighten his ride experience.  Some vintage style panniers, a hand made tan leather top tube protector, a convenient leather grab handle to help him carry his bike upstairs, and even a bespoke holder for his BEG Tea for Two flask.

Gert has ridden his Bertie all over the Oslo region, but given Oslo is somewhat hillier than most European cities, and his bicycle was well-laden with accessories, he decided an electric conversion was a must. 

Gert sent us the following images of incredible step by step process he undertook to make his Bertie a fully functioning electric bike including a custom designed crate to contain the battery, and new colour-coded parts to make the transition as inconspicuous as possible. 

Gert finished the conversion in late May 2020 and has already clocked up an impressive 275km around the city.  "The subtlety of the conversion is ultimately its greatest success" says Gert. "No one realises that it is now an electric bike. The best part is when I ring my bell and sail past a herd of MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra!) as they lug themselves up the hill!".

Gert has become a familiar figure his Bertie around town, even featuring in local newspapers, but never fails to mention the fact that there is one small problem with it; somehow this particular bicycle is inexplicably drawn to whatever bar he passes in the neighbourhood he happens to be cycling around.  


* Now here's the boring but important part!  Gert is clearly a dab-hand at such exploits, but any alteration to the bicycle will invalidate your warranty.

Please proceed only with this understanding!