By Esther… (but post rather overdue.  Can anyone actually remember October by now, ahem, Catherine!)

It was a truly autumnal day for the October Joy Ride – misty, slightly grey, but unseasonably warm!

Undaunted by the slightly inclement conditions, our intrepid gang set off from the Park and Ride at Newmarket Road, Cambridge, pausing only for a pre-cycle photograph under the giant bicycle sculpture.  Who could resist?

We biked along the fantastic cycle paths, enjoying the changing colours of the season as we rode.  On arriving at the stately Anglesey Abbey, we enjoyed a welcome cup of caffeine and some of the largest cake we have ever seen!  Joy Riders then took to two feet for a while to enjoy the gardens, see the working mill or indulge at the gift shop.  Esther seemed to have purchased an entire library from the second-hand book shop (recommended for all bookworms!)

All too soon, it was time to wend our way through the mist, back to the Park and Ride for the conclusion of another cheery Joy Ride.

With thanks to Dave for the cycle route.  The intrepid award is shared between Catherine and Joe, Siobhan and Daisy (who brought her lovely 1920s bicycle – complete with candle-lit lamp!) for travelling so far for the ride.

Thank you to everyone who came along – Dave, Catherine, Joe, Siobhan, Daisy, Jess, Malcolm and Keith.  The rides wouldn’t be joyful without you!