So this week we lived through Blue Monday – Monday 16th January and the day ‘officially’ dubbed the most depressing day of the year (that’s got to be a UK thing, right… somehow can’t imagine that anyone sitting on a beach in the Maldives right now is feeling that down).  If that is the case, and you’re feeling rather gloomy , we introduce you to Bikeyface; the perfect January antidote.

We are huge fans of Bikeyface at Beg Bicycles and await each new installment like children waiting for the latest copy of the Beano to arrive at the papershop!  Devised and illustrated by Bekka, a cycle commuter in Boston, every single ‘toon is a super-dry, brilliantly-observed and seriously laugh-out-loud take on the nitty gritty of urban daily cycling.  Here are a few recent ones that we have absolutely loved… (but do look at, or better still subscribe to, Bikeyface – this is just the tip of a genius iceberg!).

On a positive note though, just think what a lot we have to look forward to once January is behind us;

1.  The nights are getting lighter – and, with a little bit of imagination, there is almost a Spring-like quality to the evenings.

2.  2012 is going to be The Summer of Cycling.  A short nomenclature, but oh-so full of promise!!!  More on that later…

3.  We’re getting some very lovely NEW Spring Summer 2012 cycling accessories in soon… so you may have to treat yourself and your trusty wheels to a little something.  Retail therapy always rocks, right?