We’re SO busy (and to say crazed with excitement would be an understatement) with last minute preparations for our big launch at the Country Living Spring Fair next week in Islington.  It’s the first time we’ll have the opportunity to show off the bicycles AND the accessory collection to the public (27, 000 people, ye gads!) and we can’t wait to see people’s reaction.

We’ve got an incredible location for our stand… it’s on the charmingly named ‘Village Green’ (which is kind of creative given that its an exhibition hall in Islington, but then Islingtonites like to think of their little patch as The Village so suppose it’s true) and is adjacent to the central show garden, so have decided if it all gets a bit much and we are inundated with super-keen bicycle shoppers, I’ll nip round the back of the stand and borrow the hammock for 40 winks.

We’re going to do a special BEG introductory offer to celebrate our launch – 10% off everything in the Beg collection, including the entire bicycle range for all orders placed at the Country Living Spring Fair.  Do come and see us!