O September – how you tease the poor cyclist with your unpredictable and unreliable ways!  You revel in tripping us up, running us amok with your indecisiveness.  You create all sorts of dilemmas with your chilly mornings and long shadows, all glaring sunlight and chances of rain and your sultry afternoons that delude us that summer is back and that require the miraculous appearance of a completely different outfit.

An array of decision-making processes fill the September cyclist’s head as they attempt to pack the panniers for the confusing day ahead whilst keeping it as minimal as possible. Bare legs or not (with coordinating goose bumps?), how many layers, that ‘in-between season’ jacket that you’ve never actually owned, a (gasp at the horror) cagoule (or rather chic cycling-specific raincoat), sunnies… and that’s just the wardrobe.   Where’s it all going to fit?  Load up the basket?  Use panniers today?  Get a pack-horse and tether it up to the back of the bike?

Despair not however because we all know, of course, that Autumn ‘for real’  is just around the corner (hurrah), and revel in its crisp, sharp air and soggy leaves we shall!

Here at BEG we’re feeling the autumn glow already and are excitedly looking forward to getting wrapped up for chilly cycling and hitting the road with some great new products that will make your daily cycling commute, or weekend jaunt on your wheels all that bit more cosy and pleasurable!  Let us therefore introduce, without further ado, our new Autumn Winter 2012 campaign - Crisp Autumn Cycling…    

October – we embrace you!


All products now in store for immediate delivery @ www.begbicycles.com