Surely, the most stylish cycle helmets in the world?

We've become quite well-known over the years on the highways and byways of the UK and further afield for our unique cycle helmets, and in particular the beautifully-made, subtly stylish, ever-so discrete and above all protective Casqu'en Ville helmet collection.  In fact, we have shipped these elegant cycle helmets to 36 countries throughout the world!  Sartorially selected by country-loving gentlefolk, about town urbanites, fashionistas, penny farthing fanatics and all manner of cyclists in between, they have an endearing appeal and timeless quality!

Our alliance with Casqu'en Ville started twelve years ago when Catherine, living in Paris at the time, met Sophie, the brilliantly creative Parisian cyclist who had just launched the brand.  Exuding that je ne said quoi French flair that Parisian's seem to do so effortless, we were hooked and the helmets have become our best seller ever since.  The exciting news for 2023 is that we are now the EXCLUSIVE (yes, really!) distributor of the Casqu'en Ville brand and have excellent stock to boot.

Available either as a combined set of cap and cycle helmet here or if you already own one of our Casqu'en Ville helmets, you can simply buy the cover, they make brilliant presents for cyclists - or simply treat your own head!  No more ugly plastic and ruining the 'look', choose a cap that suits your style for a discrete helmet look but with excellent safety credentials (all of our cycle helmets are tested by the world leading test institute SGS and certified in accordance with European safety standards.)

We have lots of unisex styles available including the incredibly warm, black fur lined 'chapka' style (Ears up or down? You choose!), a smart tweed flat cap  style that sits well with - well everything, and a jaunty dogtooth and a smart black cap option.  We even have a classic deerstalker style that oozes charm!

You can find the full collection here;