The October  Beg Bicycles Joy Ride was one of those lovely scenic bike rides that clears the cobwebs and makes you glad to be alive!  It really was a day of mists and mellow fruitfulness and yet again, a dry day!  Our Joy Rides have certainly been smiled on by the weather gods this year!

We met at Newnham Road car park and then cycled through the centre of Cambridge (avoiding dogs, tourists, pedestrians!) and then alongside the river, admiring the hustle and bustle of rowing activity on and around the riverside.

From there, we swished through the autumn leaves out to Milton Country Park where we stopped for tea and cake.  I enjoyed a large steaming mug of coffee and the gooiest chocolate muffin you have ever seen!  Well, we’d cycled six miles, so needed refuelling!  The conversation quickly turned to the merits of different cake and quite a debate ensued!  We were delighted to welcome to the ride Miss Sue Flay of The Secluded Tea Party so we definitely had an expert on hand for our baking and caking questions!

Following a lovely pitstop in the fresh air and a good chinwag, we made our way back from Milton Country Park to the centre of Cambridge and said our farewells.