… to be cycling.  It’s Friday, it’s five to five and it’s… (ok – so only about a tenth of the British population born between 1968 and 1980 will get that, so sorry for the parochialism)… NOT Crackerjack, but the weekend. Hurrah!

Thoughts turn to two long blissfully unplanned days,  a weekend of opportunities, endless cycle route options (actually our weekend involves a VAT return but hey-ho) and romantic notions of a perfect summer cycling wardrobe.

Actually, that is just a cheap link to talk about the delightful French brand, Sessun, whose collection is full of cyclelicious outfits… all 70s LIberty prints and French rock chick.  Check out their beautiful website, nay leave it on for a good half an hour in the background while you bask in their fantastic playlist of sweet folky summer tunes.  Even better,  download the ones you like best, whack ‘em on your ipod (we’ve got Low Files Tropical by Get Back Guinozzi on repeat) and get pedalling… and DON’T forget to wear the Kensington jacket to match your Bella in Chalk.  You’ll look a peach.