It’s fair to say that since we started BEG Bicycles back in 2011, we have had a few all-consuming obsessions…

  • Stylish cycle attire
  • trouser bands
  • Pinterest boards full of beautiful bicycles images
  • anything Dutch or Danish
  • Cafes
  • Cycle books
  • Cafes that sell cycling books
  • cute dogs in bike baskets (a personal penchant of mine.. so much so that we had to get a pooch purely for photographic purposes.  Well, not solely but… our accountant did look at me in absolute astonishment when I asked if the dog could be classified as a business asset (we love him dearly, honestly!).
  • Crikey. We haven’t even mentioned Danish or Dutch dogs in bicycle baskets.

And tan leather.  Of course.

Who doesn’t love tan leather.  A brand new pair of brogues, a smooth new notebook, a classic suitcase, a yacht interior (ok, getting a bit carrier away now); beautiful, honey coloured leather looks incredible in any guise…

Brooks made tan leather the material du jour from as long ago as the middle of the nineteenth century, and it has become synonymous with classic cycling ever since.  To this end, we have a penchant for literally anything that is beautifully designed and of exquisite quality in tan leather … and that’s why we first introduced our classic satchel collection back in 2010.  And very popular they have been too.

But beautiful though it is, there are a few practical downsides to leather when it comes to cycling accoutrements.  Leather isn’t always fully waterproofed – and it can be heavy, particularly when loading up a bike. It also commands a premium price.

We’ve erstwhile been looking to find a cycling bag that has all the qualities of a leather bag (particularly that ‘heart skips a beat’ feeling) but which is light, practical and affordable.

We think we’ve finally found it in our new range of Weathergoods Urban Tote bags, an on and off-bike worthy pannier bag.  Established by two sisters in Sweden (indeed – land of harsh climate!), Weathergoods is a beautiful cycle bag brand that ticks all the boxes!  We’re even finding that friends who DON’T even cycle are lusting after them!

Here’s what the girls at Weathergoods say;

“We are Weathergoods and for us each day is an exciting step towards a bicycling city. Our idea is simple and it begins in everyday life. With the everyday urban cyclist. If we can make it easier, better and more stylish to take a bike to work, to school, to meet friends…then more people will do it. That’s how simple we think it is and that’s why we design and develop urban cycling accessories with one clear requirement: Do they belong in a bicycling city? In a city that should have existed long ago.”

And here’s why we like the Weathergoods Totes so much;

- They exude style!  Nothing bike geeky here, that’s for sure.  Instead a genuinely elegant bag that moves effortlessly from bike to bag without any compromise!

- They are beautifully made!

- They are erstwhile practical; weather resistant, roomy, they click on to your bike using a universal fitting and even have a padded laptop pouch inside.

The Urban Tote Bicycle bag is made of weatherproof PU, with silver metal details. It has with a well padded computer pocket suitable for a 15 inch laptop and a zippered outer pocket for easy to reach items. Other features include extra long handles and a detachable shoulder strap which make for flexible carrying.

So there we are.  The search is over.  Only one dilemma remains….

Tan (or rather ‘Cognac’, would you have it!) or black!????????

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