Of course, whilst we’re BIG (should that read BEG?) cycling advocates and can wax lyrical about the plethora of benefits cycling brings to one physical and mental health, not to mention the enviro plus points, one simply can’t be in the saddle ALL day long (unless you’re a cycle courier, that is).

Not got your fill?   Fret not…!  There is a vast (bike basket) load of information and great reading matter about the Great Two-Wheeled Machine online that you can spend many happy hours tucking into.  Virtual cycling nonetheless.  We’ve been avid readers of all things bike-and-web-based for ages, so we thought you might like a round up of some of our favourite on-line reads in recent months;


For local British bike rides… As the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation, the CTC (Cyclist’s Touring Club) has been ‘protecting and promoting the rights of cyclists’ since 1878 and is the UK’s oldest cycling club.  Got a new bicycle and want to get out on it more with other bike-minded types… the CTC, with many regional branches throughout the UK organise local bike rides for all levels including very gentle rides and rides for women.

For the London cycling lowdown… London Cyclist on everything to do with cycling in not only London, but the rest of the UK.  Cycle routes, Apps, cycling tips, bike maintenance and news updates on events. Really useful articles on subjects like ‘How NOT to get your bike stolen’.

For heavenly bike images… Head Over Wheels Click on Archive to see months of stunning bike illustrations, vintage photos and everything that is beautiful about retro bikes.  Oh, and we’re on there quite a lot too (Thank you, H.O.W!)

For cafe-lovers…  PatisserieCyclisme  a lovely new website that ask cyclists to send in reviews of their fave bike-friendly cafes, because EVERYONE knows a bike ride isn’t a bike ride without a coffee and cake pitstop!

For a world of Chic Cycling... it has spawned a zillion me-toos around the globe, but the original and official Cycle Chig blog is Copenhagen Cycle Chic, the ultimate in people (on bicycles) watching, full of stunning photography and a whole lot more.

For women… Funded by the National Lottery and British Cycling, the Breeze network from British Cycling is all about fun, free, local bike rides for women – and a whole range of support, training and ride opportunities too.  As they say “Breeze bike rides are for women, by women. The Breeze network is informal and relaxed. It’s what you want it to be.”  We’re there!

And that’s just for starters… More of our fave sites soon.