It’s all very well poring over specifications charts, analysing gear ratios and tyre pressures and gazing speculatively at the images… but there’s nothing like experiencing what a beautiful bicycle does best – being ridden!   The biggest joy to us is always the emotionally-charged reaction people have when they see our bikes in reality and try them out! We wanted to convey this sense of the joy of riding a BEG Bicycle to those who haven’t yet seen one or had the chance to have a ride!

So, on a glorious day at the end of May, up and down rolling hills and along winding lanes, we did a bit of filming!

The biggest thanks to Caroline N and to the incredible Lisa Jaeggi for her achingly lovely soundtrack, Heartache, from her new album, Epic Epic  (to be released on the 6th July 2011 from Modern Vintage Recordings).  We’re in love with Lisa’s music and it was nigh on impossible to choose amongst her sweet and soulful, spiritual and tranquil blend of folk, hip hop, soul and pop tracks. A perfect cycling soundtrack!