We really don’t want to knock our new short film (have you seen it yet? Surely not? Where have you been ALL week…) off top spot here – so it will unquestionably be back, but we simply couldn’t resist this absolute gem.

It goes without saying that we have bit of a thing about cycling and picnics and like to do it in style, but it can’t be denied… Florike Martens has somewhat usurped us on that front with her ‘Bicycle Stove’! A nomadic kitchen nonetheless, perfectly designed for riding harmony with a Sit up and Beg bicycle, complete with a barbecue, two gaz cannisters, place settings for six picnic-ers and a water tank.

See that it is selling in supercool concept store, Merci, in Paris, and even has a full pager in this week’s Grazia France. No one does a picnic like the French after all. Wonder if a jostling queue forms round the block and requests for kebabs come in as soon as you set it up though? And imagine if you forget to bring a lighter.